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Carpal Wrap for Dogs - Prevention of Pain (Front Leg Support)
Carpal Wrap for Dogs - Prevention of Pain (Front Leg Support)
Carpal Wrap for Dogs - Prevention of Pain (Front Leg Support)
Carpal Wrap for Dogs - Prevention of Pain (Front Leg Support)
Carpal Wrap for Dogs - Prevention of Pain (Front Leg Support)

    Carpal Wrap for Dogs - Prevention of Pain (Front Leg Support)

    The Carpal Wrap for Dogs is the perfect product to stabilize your dog’s forearm bones and lend support to the muscles and tendons of the wrist and leg. It helps with arthritis, arthrosis and/or muscle / ligament / tendon injuries. This product is handmade by our Team. See the complete description, reviews and sizing below.

    Production Time: 12-24 Hours

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      + Description

      Improve your Dog's wellbeing with a Carpal Wrap - vetapproved and recommended

      Why your dog should wear a Carpal Wrap for Dogs:

      It helps with arthritis, arthrosis and/or muscle / ligament / tendon injuries

      The Carpal Wrap for Dogs is the perfect product for dog's whose wrists have been injured or recently have undergone surgery. 


      Our Materials

      The product is made with high quality neoprene and produced by hand in Austria. The reason for using neoprene is the thermal insulation it provides which increases blood circulation and consequently relieves muscle tension.

      The Carpal Wrap for Dogs is also a great product to support dogs and prevent injuries. Other uses include warming up of the muscle and injury relief

      There are no movement restrictions when wearing the product. Your dog can move freely.
      If you have worn a bandage for humans before, you know what it feels like.

      This product can improve your dog's mobility and speed up the healing process.


      + Measurement & Sizing Video

      Sizing Guide

      1) Get a tape measure or something else you can use to measure. 

      2) Measure the outline of the leg at the height of the carpus. 

      3) Have a look at our size chart and pick the size that fits your measurement.

      4) If you are unsure about two sizes, it is always best to pick the bigger one. 


      + Instructions
      During the first few days, use the product for a few hours only, since the body has to get used to the new feeling and the neoprene. After that, it can be worn for longer periods too. 
      + Tailwind Promise

        The Tailwind Promise

      ✓ 100% Handmade

      ✓ Made with skin-compatible neoprene

      ✓ 75+ years of orthopedic technology experience 

      ✓ Worldwide delivery 

      ✓ Skin-compatible neoprene


      Tailwind braces and wraps can also be used by healthy dogs in order to ensure future health of joints and ligaments and relieve stress. 

      All our products are black and blue in order to keep them simple and prevent that they gain too much attention, since we think the attention should be on the dog, not its support product. 

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      Exchanges with custom made items are on a case by case basis depending on severity of the situation.

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      + Vet Approved

      Vet Approved and Preferred

        We are an orthopedic technology company and have been in business for more than 75 years. Two years ago, our team received several requests to make custom braces and prosthetics for dogs from the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna. This marked the birth of Kplusanimal ( This project is still a huge success and we are proud to say that we have helped over 200 dogs and several other animals including horses, donkeys and cats so far in 2021 alone. On our continuing journey to making animals feel better, we want to help dogs all over the world with our innovative orthopaedic brace technology. We received requests from dog owners all over the world, because they were in need of our products and after long research and preparation, we were able to launch Tailwindpets. With Tailwindpets, we are offering our products for dogs and can ship worldwide in max 5-7 Days. We are working together with a wide range of veterinarians who helped us improve our products to the highest of standards.

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